Retail locations, medical facilities,  and schools are just a few of the types of businesses that require  continuous security that protects property and ensures customer and  employee safety. The best defense of your assets is a TranSecurity, Inc.  integrated security system that enables quick response, loss  prevention, and optimal containment of a breach to your company. Our  systems integrate to blend into your environment to create the right  balance of deterrence and detection. 

TranSecurity installs and services security solutions that combine video monitoring with customized high-tech intrusion detection systems.  Integrated with software that allows single-point observation, our  protection systems can deter and detect breaches before they cause  damage.

TranSecurity  professionals - whose backgrounds include military, law enforcement and  telecommunications - will work with you to design a customized security  solution or upgrade your current system. In addition, our certified  technicians are available around the clock to provide service and  ongoing maintenance. The best insurance against property damage or  product loss is a state-of-the-art security system from TranSecurity




TranSecurity,  Inc. is equipped to provide security solutions for industrial  facilities of any size. Breaches of your plant, pipeline, or secured  facilities can happen at any point along the perimeter, requiring  continuous monitoring and notification. A quick response is critical to  protect your facilities, preventing downtime and repairs. 

TranSecurity  provides state-of-the-art Perimeter Detection Systems for both above  ground and buried applications. Utilizing the latest fiber-optic  intrusion technology, we secure your assets in a virtual and seamless  barrier. Integrated with advanced video monitoring, alarm and  software systems, TranSecurity security solutions are installed and  serviced by qualified technicians. 

Our  professionals-whose background includes law enforcement, military and  telecommunications-have extensive knowledge of today’s industries  ranging from 


airports,  railways, seaports, gas and oil refineries, pipelines, energy  utilities, federal security and private agencies, and more. TranSecurity  will work with you to design protection systems that are customized to  your environment and will be there to meet your company’s present and  future needs as they evolve.