TranSecurity, Inc. is a system  integration and management company which installs and services complete  security solutions that are customized specific to your business or  industry including transportation, pipeline, oil and gas refineries,  energy, utilities, and more. We develop comprehensive security solutions  that includes advanced video monitoring, fiber-optic intrusion, alarm  and software systems that will modernize and expand your security  capabilities. Staffed by qualified professionals with experience in the  military, law enforcement and telecommunications, TranSecurity partners  with leaders in the security industry to provide a seamless, customized  suite of products and technical support to protect your assets and  minimize costs.  

A minority owned Texas-based HUB  certified company, TranSecurity offers security solutions for  organizations of all sizes. We provide personal service and our  certified technicians are responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  TranSecurity is with you all the way, from conception to installation to  maintaining your security systems, giving you peace of mind and ongoing  protection assistance. Services include: 

  • Consultation and assessment of current system
  • Customized security solutions
  • Installation & testing
  • Ongoing service & technical support

TranSecurity,  Inc. is a fully licensed Fire and Security company by the state of  Texas and holds Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability (CVI) and  Transportation Worker Identification Credential