Oscar G. Jimenez is CEO  and owner of TranSecurity, Inc., a systems integration and management  company of security solutions for commercial and industrial use. A  veteran of law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles (LAPD), Georgia  (Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept.), and Special Deputy US Marshall. Oscar  is a principal with JAI., a public safety firm providing personnel  verification and record retrival. 

Oscar brings to TranSecurity a  unique knowledge of security and loss prevention. In addition, his work  with the Los Angeles Police Department included duties as a patrol  officer, later working with the specialized gang unit CRASH in detective  homicide and uniformed capacity, then at training division (LAPD  Training Academy) capacities. Throughout his time with LAPD he received  multiple commendations for apprehension and arrest of Robbery/Murder and  assault suspects. 

Oscar’s management position during the 1996  Atlanta Olympics included security for the torch relay and Olympic  personnel as a Special Deputy US Marshall and Fulton County Deputy  Sheriff, again receiving commendations from the Olympic Broadcasting  Committee for keeping them safe. With several years now in the  Alarm/Electronic Access control and Fire Business TranSecurity a Fully  licensed and certified company is a necessary component to protect and  service your company’s assets. We service from small business to our  large corporate partners with the same personnel touch.